At Kid's First Web Page we are dedicated to creating webpages for children that they will be proud to share with friends and family around the world. A webpage for your child is a wonderful way to let family and friends keep up to date on your child's hobbies, accomplishments and dreams. Latest pictures of your child can be shared with family members who may be next door, on the other side of the country, and even overseas. And don't forget how impressed all their school friends will be too!!!

We require a few things from you as input to the webpage. First we will need a paragraph about your child for the "about me" page. If it is written by your child that is even better. Second we will need to know some biographical information about your child, including favorite color, favorite food, etc. We will supply a form for your child to complete with additional space to customize the types of facts on this page. We do not suggest publishing a birthdate or location on this page for security reasons. Finally we need some pictures of your child to include on the "latest pics" page. These pictures should be sent by mail for ease of posting. Feel free to view some of our  samples for more details and ideas for your child's very own webpage.

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